About RH2BE

Ride Hard To Breathe Easy TeamRide Hard to Breathe Easy was founded by Karen Munro in 2009 to raise awareness for lung cancer sufferers, and in partnership with the Australian Lung Foundation, to raise funds to find a cure.

Because of continuing interest from lung cancer sufferers all over the world, Ride Hard to Breathe Easy has subsequently become an international awareness-raising organisation focussing on cycling as a vehicle to spread the word about lung cancer and the fact that you don’t have to have smoked to get it.

Ride Hard to Breathe Easy remains a not-for-profit organisation, in line with Karen’s wishes and has spread its reach in the hope of ensuring no one diagnosed with lung cancer should suffer alone.

Ride Hard to Breathe Easy’s aim is to provide information and communication networks for sufferers, raising awareness for the organisation and what it provides through cycling events or challenges.


To reduce incidence and mortality rates, and to find a cure for lung cancer

Mission Statement

Ride Hard to Breathe Easy is committed to educating the public and members of the medical community about lung cancer; advocating on behalf of lung cancer patients, their families and others at risk, influencing public policy decisions relating to lung cancer and promoting increased funding for lung cancer research.

Our Primary Objectives Are:

Educate: we believe that the “smoking” stigma attached to lung cancer is the main reason that LC doesn’t receive the sympathy or funding that other cancer’s receive. So we need to educate the public that ANYONE can get lung cancer yet NOBODY deserves it. We need public support to make change!

Commitment: we commit to working towards equality for ALL lung cancer patients

Compassion: we believe all those affected by lung cancer, especially patients and survivors deserve compassion and understanding regardless of smoking history

Collaboration: we will identify and collaborate with all groups who share our vision

Fundraise: we will continue to raise money for the Australian Lung Foundation to go towards education and awareness campaigns

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